V  e  r  s  t  a  e  r  k  u  n  g     F  i  b  e  r     A  s  s  o  c  i  a  t  i  o  n

About Us

VFA is on the European market since 1982 and has specialized itself in the production of polypropylene fibers since 1988. At first it was concentrated above all in the screeds sector and it introduced on the market a fibrillated fiber which, thanks to its high quality, allowed to maintain a steady customers target in the years, and which remains its leading product in the sector.

Thanks to this it was possible to VFA to address itself 90% towards foreign markets, beginning from Switzerland and German-speaking markets, where it was already necessary to satisfy certain regulations and quality levels.

The positive feedback allowed VFA to create a good commercial net, which is still present, and to gain some of the most famous commercial groups in the building industry, becoming their contractual supplier, too.

At the beginning of ‘90s VFA decided to challenge a more complex market: concrete. VFA thought to create and patent an innovative product able to give high performances at low dosages. This allowed VFA to specialize itself more and more, beginning to gain particular sectors as mortars, industrial screeds, industrial floors, readymix concrete. At the end of ‘90s the product was also used for production of precast walls in light concrete. VFA became therefore a reliable supplier with a product of steady quality for several societies interested in a technological and innovative development of their products. Despite the good achieved results, VFA in the years has always gone on developing its products, fitting them to the growing safety requests of the different European norms.

In order to achieve all this and to propose always an innovative and technological product, VFA collaborates with universities and institutes high specialized in the search of new materials and new technologies.

In the last years, because of the European market shrinkage, the requests of material types changed, above all in the screed sector. VFA, in order to satisfy its clients in a different way, introduced in its production at first a multifilament fiber, too and later, thanks to the cooperation with some important societies in the glass sector, it specialized itself in the distribution of AR and E glass fibers and rovings, gaining also some clients in the gypsum field.

Lastly, as a result of the wide experience gained with glass fibers, VFA decided to introduce on the market the hybrid fibers.

Today VFA is present on all European German, French and Spanish-speaking Countries and in the last years it has been expanding in Eastern and Northern Europe, too.