V  e  r  s  t  a  e  r  k  u  n  g     F  i  b  e  r     A  s  s  o  c  i  a  t  i  o  n

B Stratos R

B STRATOS R: evolution of B Stratos. High technical polypropylene fiber for industrial floors and other kinds of floors (for ex. agricultural floors, garages…), mortars, industrial screeds, readymix concrete, self compacting concrete, prefabrication, cellar walls, floors for airport hangars, underwater concrete, etc.

Polypropylene fibers studied and developed to be used as alternative to steel fibers, macro fibers and meshes, and able to achieve good values of load safety factor and usability (T and G classes).

B STRATOS R has been tested by German and Austrian laboratories recognized at state level and it has a CE marking according to EN 14889-2 and has a general authorization for construction “Zulassung”.

It is available in different lengths and packagings according to technical needs and customer's preferences.


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