V  e  r  s  t  a  e  r  k  u  n  g     F  i  b  e  r     A  s  s  o  c  i  a  t  i  o  n


Final results can be affected according to the used product:

- Verstaerkung Fiber:
for a good reduction of cracking, an improvement of flexural resistance and a good dispersion.

- AR Delta 61 or  Polyglas 12:
for a good reduction of cracking and a good dispersion

- Multifils, Multifioc or Solfib:
for a minimization of cracking  

- Delta XT:      
for a minimization of early shrinkage cracking, for a good dispersion

- B Stratos R:  
for an excellent control of shrinkage, a very good dispersion and, according to dosage, an increase of flexural and compressive strength