V  e  r  s  t  a  e  r  k  u  n  g     F  i  b  e  r     A  s  s  o  c  i  a  t  i  o  n



V.F.A. srl, sensitive to the environmental problems, has developed a packing for its polypropylene fibers which doesn't produce any waste: it is the water-dispersible ready-dosed bag VFAIT.

Coming into contact with water VFAIT dissolves in the course of a few seconds without leaving any trails and it allows the dosed fibers to flow and disperse homogeneously in the composite.

This represents an advantage for the user who can save time and money to empty the content of the bags into the mixer.

There is the possibility of reducing the manufacturing costs as well as the costs for throwing waste away.

V.F.A. srl supplies its fibers in the packing VFAIT which can be ready-dosed according to the mixing quantity of the mixer at the building site or in the factory. The ready-dosed packings are available from 80 g. to 9 kg for Verstaerkung Fiber, Multifils, B Stratos R, B Stratos RS.