Industrial Flooring

The use in Industrial Flooring

Efficient and durable synthetic fiber reinforcement system

The fibers produced by V.F.A. srl, over the past 30 years, have helped reinforce industrial floors of production halls, foundations, parking lots, shopping malls and warehouses, airports, and agricultural floors. Each performance requirement sought by the customer corresponds to a different type of fiber.

With our industrial flooring fibers, the synthetic fiber reinforcement system is efficient and durable. If industrial flooring must support medium to low loads, our advice is to use, only as anti-cracking, Verstaerkung Fiber or Neufiber. Possibly in higher loads, fibers can be used in addition to wire mesh, again to increase the resistance not only to the load bearing capacity of Industrial floors, but also to shrinkage cracking. Micro fibrillated fibers such as Verstaerkung Fiber and Neufiber are not intended as structural reinforcement.

If industrial flooring must withstand high loads, the special patented high-performance fiber B Stratos R is ideal since it is specifically designed for this area of use. This fiber not only imparts crack reduction but is also able to increase flexural and compressive strengths and post-crack resistance. Depending on the applications and the loads to be borne, you will be advised on the right length and dosage of the fiber by VFA personnel.

We refer you to the product data sheet for some examples. If necessary, in case of excessively high loads, it is always possible with B Stratos R to reduce part of the steel reinforcement. Our technicians can also prepare a static pre-calculation for you to check the feasibility of the project.


The advantages of using the synthetic fiber reinforcement system for industrial flooring are:

1 Homogenous distribution and separation and constant number of fibres within the concrete compared to traditional steel and macro fibre dosages
2 Even at the highest dosages there is optimal workability in the mixing process
3 Surfaces can be smoothed very easily and immediately
4 Cost savings (lower dosages, transportation, labor force, etc.).
5 High quality and durability of industrial flooring
6 Ease of installation and surface finish

The recommended fibers for industrial flooring are:

B Stratos R

As an alternative to steel mesh, steel fibers and macro fibers, homogeneity in the mix to achieve certain classes of wearability and suitability for use and good compressive and tensile flexural strengths. For a surface immediately ready for smoothing with an excellent final aesthetic result.

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Verstaerkung Fiber

Suitable for crack prevention

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Suitable for crack reduction

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We also refer you to the Agriculture page for more details in agricultural storage or barn flooring.


Discover the difference V.F.A.'s fibres make in the projects of professionals directly from their testimonials.

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